Online Services

Online view of a check meter which we install for you to monitor your electricity consumption and to verify your electricity bill. “Know your consumption and better manage what you have to pay”. It shows the previous month’s consumption, near real-time demand and power factor which enables you to actively manage your consumption. See this real example and contact us to install your check meter.

Online telemetry solution to monitor your network and the condition of your plant via a web viewer. This allows you to monitor power flow, detect and locate network faults, and enable remote restoration to improve your network performance and restore supply faster…… COMING SOON

Online view of the power flow in the Southern African region and interface to upload the interchange schedules between Utilities. This is a service limited to authorised subscribers.

Online protection coordination and grading of  tripping curves (IDMT and definite time). This is an engineering tool for protection engineers which we use to grade the trip times of overcurrent and earth fault protection relays. Contact us to assist you with your fault analysis and grading of protection.

Online calculation of CT core specifications considering the core type, currents, burden and knee-point voltages. This is an engineering tool for substation engineers to calculate the required specification of Current Transformers.